Karibu - Welkom!

This website is available in the Dutch and English language.



First off all, let me introduce myself to you,

"I am John"

Before i planned to start with Safari Tours, I was a parkrancher and Nature guide.

Right now I do Safaris in Kenia and Tanzania

Also you can do by yourself planned Safaris and we will organise them for you.

Example when you just married, we can arrange a special Safari tour for you.

Our guids are speaking English.

I speak German, French and Italian.

When you want you can do a private Safari.

Where hoping, when you had a Safari, you had the best time off your live.

We are sponsered by a Dutch family, they have put together this wonderfull site, they are visiting Kenia every year twice.

Our Service is that you have a wonderful SAFARI.......







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